Lars Wollin

Lars Wollin, Emeritus Professor of Scandinavian Languages/Swedish, late of Åbo Akademi University, Finland, previously at the universities of Lund, Gothenburg and Uppsala. Resident in Uppsala.

My principal fields of interest are translation studies and the history of language, in both cases applied to Scandinavian and Swedish themes. A key focus is the role played by Latin in most stages of the historical development of Swedish. My doctoral dissertation in 1981 dealt with translation from Latin at the late medieval abbey of Vadstena. Since then, I have chiefly undertaken research in three, partly overlapping, areas:

  • The role of translation in the history of the Scandinavian languages (mainly Swedish): in the epic poetry of medieval chivalry and in Bridgettine mysticism and monastic edification; in ancient and Icelandic patriotic narration during the Caroline epoch (the late 17th and early 18th centuries); and in 19th- and 20th-century novels – from classics and Nobel Prize winners to mass-produced popular literature.
  • Scandinavian and Swedish medieval philology: the linguistic character and mutual relations of Old Swedish (in some cases Old Norse and Latin) textual sources.
  • The history of Swedish philology and linguistics: the first grammars of Swedish and the first descriptions of dialects in the 17th and 18th centuries; the early development of Scandinavian philology as an academic discipline in Sweden.

I have long been planning a major historical account of Swedish translation from the High Middle Ages to the present day.